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Frequently Asked Questions about Movie Posters  


Q: Why don't you have all sixteen poster styles for the latest Harry Poster movie?
A: That's easy. Because we specialize in vintage movie posters and do not stock posters for all of the latest movies. However, we will be happy to locate authentic original posters for any new releases on request.

Q: Can I pay using PayPal?
A: Yes. To make payment using PayPal please contact us.

Q: Do you sell autographed items?
A: Sorry, no. With very few exceptions we do not deal in autographed movie memorabilia of any kind. Forgeries and bootlegs have poisoned this market.

Q: Can I pay for a poster on layaway?
A: Yes, we accept time payments under the following non-negotiable terms: 20% deposit, balance within six months.

Q: Can I return my poster if I'm not satisfied?
A: Absolutely. We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee (less shipping charges) for every item we sell.

Q: Can you arrange to have a poster linen-backed and/or restored for me?
A: Absolutely. We will be happy to arrange for the linen-backing, paper-backing and restoration of your posters. We deal exclusively with Studio C Restoration Studio, one of the most respected paper conservators in the world.

Q: How can I get an appraisal of my movie poster collection?
A: Contact us.

Q: Can you find me an inexpensive reprint of a classic poster like Gone With The Wind?
A: Yes. While we do not deal in reprints of any kind, we can recommend the Arnold Poster Company (see Links page).

Q: Do you sell framed posters?
A: No, but we can recommend Hollywood Poster Frames. (see Links page).

Q: When will I receive my order?
A: All orders are shipped within 24 hours. Most
domestic orders will arrive within four business days. International orders
generally take from seven to 10 business days. For a more detailed description
of your shipping options please see our “Ordering and Shipping” section.

Q: I live in Europe. Is it possible to avoid paying excessive Customs duties on my order?
A: Yes, please Contact us.

Q: Would you consider a trade for a movie poster?
A: You can try us, but from experience movie poster trades rarely work out to the satisfaction of both parties. Isn't this why society invented money? 

Q: James Bond reissue 1-sheets... Is there a way to tell?
A: Yes. All of the Sean Connery James Bond films were re-released in the late 1970s using the same artwork that appeared on the original 1-sheets. The late 1970s re-releases even include the original copyright date. Here's how to tell the difference: the originals were printed on flat or very slight gloss paper and always have an NSS (National Screen Service) number in the right of the bottom border; the re-releases were printed on glossy paper and do not have NSS numbers.





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