Is This Anime Pirated?

Anime is a type of Japanese animated cartoon that is popular among the teenage crowd and movie memorabilia fans. Although viewing Anime online may sound innocent enough, piracy has leaked its way into the realm of Anime. Piracy is illegal, and if someone is caught with pirated material it can lead to prosecution or a hefty fine. Take this true story for example: A company that distributes Japanese animated cartoons has tracked down thousands of BitTorrent users. It accused the users of breaching copyrights and it has forced ISPs to reveal the user’s identities. The company then sent out threatening letters that read “Pay us $3,500 or Else.” Whether the BitTorrent users were aware that downloading such material is illegal is beside the point, innocence does not excuse someone from criminal charges and legal fines. In order to avoid going through such an upsetting experience, there are certain precautions that can be taken to ensure that your Anime purchase is authentic.

The biggest red flag that an Anime product is pirated is the price. If the price for the item is usually $39.99, no company in their right mind would offer you the product for $10; that would be a tremendous loss of profit. Another big tip off that an Anime product is counterfeit is the copyright information. Copyright information is part of the small print that will be included on the back of the packaging. Keep an eye out for the © symbol. A copyright symbol printed next to the company name is a sign that your product is authentic. The only way to know for certain that an Anime product is legitimate is a licensing sticker. A licensing sticker contains the company logo and is often reflective or holographic. View this article to view licensing stickers.

Popular Anime Companies

  • ADV Films- One of the leading Anime companies that serves both the US and UK.
  • AnimEigo- A US based Anime Company.
  • Ashi Productions- A Japan based Anime production studio.
  • Aniplex- The Anime distribution branch from Sony entertainment.

Popular Anime products consist of DVD collections, Art Books, CD, Digisubs, Posters, and trading cards. The Anime product that is pirated most often is DVDs. Use the tips above to avoid purchasing pirated material. Be extremely careful when purchasing Anime over the internet because it is difficult to put any of the tips into effect over a computer screen. For more information on pirated Anime, read this Pirated Anime FAQ to clear up most of your unanswered questions. An abundance of Anime scammers make the mass of their money on Ebay. Although Ebay tries their best to eliminate such dishonest sellers, some scammers slip through the radar. Purchasing Anime on Ebay is not recommended unless the seller has a superb seller rating. It’s simple for a seller to guarantee that the Anime products they are selling are 100% authentic, but there is no way of truly knowing until you actually have the product in your hands. Purchase Anime with caution, and preferably in physical stores or on reputable online stores.