Women in Cinema: A Reference Guide

Movies were a cultural phenomenon that began in 1878, when a moving picture of a horse was the first thing to ever be recorded and played back on film. Now there are movie lovers and movie poster collectors all over the world. This amazing event would spark the beginning of a new revolution: the cinema and the film industry. The history of film began to evolve quickly, from silent black and white films to the special effects laden movies of today. The way our culture lives, speaks, and interacts with others has been greatly influenced by the movies we see and recognize. The first decade or so of film consisted of silent movies, with no sound. Eventually, sound was able to be recorded in conjunction with the moving picture and it revolutionized film. 

Within all of the glitz, glam, and hype that became Hollywood, women played a very important role. Whether it was acting as the leading lady, or being behind the camera and serving as the director, women’s roles have been an integral part of the success of film and movies that has spanned over many decades. The insight and intuitiveness that women provide has been an invaluable resource for moviemakers and scriptwriters over the years. Here are some resources involving women and cinema: 

It’s easy to see how important women have become in the success of modern day movies as well as cinematic classics. Without their input and intuition, the face of cinema would have been forever changed. Their contributions have become an integral part of how we perceive humanity as well as the world. Women’s contributions continue to be a very essential part of how movies are made, acted, and produced.