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The performing arts are a part of American culture. There would be a gaping whole if it were not for dance, theater, and music. Lasting memories are made when someone is involved with, or watches a concert, play, or ballet. The performing arts are so popular in this country that some of the top schools for those that want to be a part of them are highly selective. The hard work and dedication that one must have in order to excel in an art form is quite admirable.

For dancers, the majority of their time is spent persuading their body to move the way they want it to. This requires hours of training each week (and sometimes, each day) that is physically and mentally exhausting. Dancers are expected to stay svelte in order to present the most attractive shape to the audience.

Most actors feel pressure to stay under a certain weight as well, although it is probably not as tangible as it is for dancers. Actors, however, are asked to become their character-walk, talk, breathe, eat, and look the part. This art form is primarily mentally exhausting, although depending on the production; it could be physically tiring as well.

Musicians can be mentally and physically tired at the end of a practice or performance. Of course, it depends on whether the person is an instrumentalist or a vocalist, but musicians are expected to make the most pleasing sound possible for the audience. The skill involved in creating any sound, let alone a pleasing one, is not an easy task.

If you are involved with the performing arts, you can relate to the issues that are mentioned above. If not, try to remember how much hard work goes into the performance that you are seeing and appreciate it for all that it is. Performers work hard at their craft for you, their audience.

Cathryne L. Parish 2005

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