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Comedy 1 - Comedy 2

Have you ever heard of Jerry Seinfeld, Rosie O'Donnell, Chris Rock, Robin Williams, or Ellen DeGeneres? Chances are, you have and could name a TV or movie that they have been in. These famous comedians all got their start in comedy clubs. Stand-up comedians spend their careers traveling from club to club, hoping to build a fan base. If they are lucky, someone with Hollywood ties notices them and can help them break into TV or movies.

There are thousands of comedy clubs all over the United States, some are owned by a large company, others are more independent in nature. Either way, they try to gain business by attracting up-and-coming talent to their club, guaranteeing a packed club. Many clubs specifically advertise that a famous comedian got their start in the club, or that someone has been known to drop by from time-to-time. Rubbing elbows with someone famous is always an incentive for people to check out a comedy club.

Comedy clubs can be good moneymakers as well. The admission to a club can range in price from free to $5-$20+ a night. You are also required to make a minimum drink purchase in some clubs. Most of the time, the money is well spent. A night at a comedy club can be a nice departure from a typical dinner and a movie date. The atmosphere centers around having a good time, so making this a first date with someone could be just the way to go!

If you are interested in going to a comedy club, you can usually hear advertisements for them on the radio. Otherwise, try looking in the phone book or typing "comedy club" and your geographic location in a search engine to see what pops up. Who knows, maybe the comedy club will become your new standard date rather than dinner and a movie!

Cathryne L. Parish 2005

  • Broken Lizard - five man NYC- and LA-based comedy group known for their movies Super Troopers and Club Dread.
  • Chaos Theory - original sketch comedy and stuff. The Chaos Theory test kitchens are always cooking up new laughs, just for you.
  • Cleverlys, The - clean, classy comedy and musical entertainment for business meetings, conventions, seminars, and trade shows.
  • Cowards, The - duo with a penchant for witty songs and clever scenes.
  • Culture Clash - the premiere Latino/Chicano comedy troupe.
  • Fifth Humour, The - Yale's oldest comedy group. We write and perform our own material.
  • Fred Garbo Inflatable Theater Company - has performances with unique inflatable inventions and offers tour dates world-wide.
  • Gerkins, The - group offering stand-up adult comedy based on children's educational entertainment bands.
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