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Every year across America, there are home kitchens that are working at a frenzied pace in preparation for a cooking contest. Getting a recipe just right can take months, if not years, to develop. It does not matter what kind of recipe one is trying to create, either. There are cooking contests for all types of cuisines--anything from seafood to chili, macaroni and cheese to chocolate. You name it, there is a contest for it.

Most of the contests for amateurs offer a cash prize that makes the person's time and energy in creating the recipe worthwhile. The prizes may also include a bonus if you use a certain company's product as an ingredient. One of the most popular cooking contests is the Pillsbury Bake-off. While it is a contest that draws a lot of entries, the payoff can be large. How does $1 million and a set of appliances sound? It might be worth it to roll up your sleeves and try to come up with something for a grand prize like that!

Smaller scale contests are more accessible for those that either lack the confidence to enter a large contest or simply do not want to. There are contests at virtually every county or state fair, along with those in just one community. These types of contests generally focus on home-style cooking like chili, stew, or a regional dish that is particularly popular. The prizes will not be as large as something like the Pillsbury Bake-off, but the experience could be memorable!

Most contests have a website that describe the rules for the contest, the prize that is awarded, and other relevant information. So, if you feel the urge to create something tasty, why not enter it in a contest? You may be surprised at the response you get!

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