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Do you have an iPod, PDA, cell phone, or home computer? If so, you are an electronics consumer. All of the devices above are meant to increase productivity or make your life a little easier than it was before the product. There are so many consumer electronics on the market now that it is hard to imagine the economy without them.

There are large retailers that deal with consumer electronics exclusively. These companies did not exist, for the most part, twenty years ago. In the scope of American history, they are still relatively new. This is a trend, however, that will not come to an end any time soon.

Besides the items that are meant to make a little easier, there are electronics for leisure, too. These are typically stereos, DVD players, personal CD players, televisions, and gaming systems. Much of the average American's time is spent using an electronic object for leisure. One might want to take an audit of the amount of time that they spend using one of these objects and decide if there is not something else that they should be doing with their time. Often it is easy to ignore other tasks that need to be done because the television or radio is on.

Electronics permeate our consumer culture. Companies are able to market these products fairly easily to the American public since it is always helpful to have a little help in getting a task done more quickly than usual, as that leaves time to do something else-like watch television or get on the computer and surf the Web. How many electronics can one person own? The fact remains that the number will steadily increase as long as consumers are willing to purchase the latest innovation in technology. Can you think of a task that you do now that would be helpful to have an electronic device do for you? It may not be too long before you see it on a shelf in your local electronics store.

Cathryne L. Parish 2005

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