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Musical Instruments and Film Scores

What weekend tradition is more American than attending the movies. Each week millions of people set out for the movie theater anxious to see the latest film. The actors and the story being told is of great importance when seeing a movie, but few think about the movie score and how much it affects our emotions as we watch our favorite actors.

Movie scores are created by musicians using musical instruments to set the tone for a movie. Who doesn't remember tightening up and knowing trouble was on it's way when seeing the classic movie Jaws. That movie score will be remembered forever for the fear it struck in our hearts. Another movie score sure to be remembered forever is the score from Psycho. Those screeching musical instruments as that poor woman was murdered in the shower certainly added to our horror.

Movie scores are created by accomplished musicians that create the score for each individual movie. While some scores are more classical in nature, often these days you are moved by the sound of more modern instruments such as electric guitars and bass guitar. These musical instruments can create many different styles of music, from rock to a gentle jazz melody. Electric bass guitars are very versatile and the bass guitar with it's low mournful tones back up the mood set by the electric guitar and the other musical instruments.

Perhaps the most versatile of these newer instruments are electric keyboards. With the ability to change the sound of the keyboard from that of a classical piano to a funky electric tune with the flip of a switch makes these keyboards invaluable to the movie score writer.

Whether creating a movie score with classical music or a more modern sound, drums are always invaluable in creating the right mood for a movie. Whether the drum is sounding a gentle rhythm or rocking the house, the drum is a necessary musical instrument for a movie score and it's melody.

Next time you go to the movies, make a conscious effort to listen to the movie score played throughout the movie. You may be surprised at what you hear.



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