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Item #: 20782
Low-budget Sci-Fi horror. One of only two monster cards in the set. Directed by: Hutton, Robert.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC#8)  VG-FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20728
Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Dean Martin. Directed by: Minnelli, Vincente.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (set of 8)  VG-FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20797
Ken Maynard western. Directed by: Brown, Harry Joe.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (TC)  VG, U.S.
Item #: 20785
Hammer Science Fiction with Howard Duff, Eva Bartok. Directed by: Fisher, Terence.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC#5)  VERY FINE-NM, U.S.
Item #: 20735
Pre-Code boxing drama with Paul Page, Lola Lane. Directed by: Stoloff, Ben.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC)  VG-FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20736
Pre-Code boxing drama with Paul Page, Lola Lane. Directed by: Stoloff, Ben.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC)  VG-FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20814
Hot rod exploitation with Brett Halsey, Yvonne Lime. Directed by: Hole, William.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (set of 8)  VG-FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20786
AIP Giant Insect horror. Directed by: Gordon, Bert I.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC#6)  VG-FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20734
Fritz Lang Silent espionage classic with Willy Fritsch, Gerda Maurus. Directed by: Lang, Fritz.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC)  VERY FINE, U.S.
STAR WARS (1977)
Item #: 20611
Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher. This poster was rolled, never folded, and linenbacked for preservation purposes. Second printing NSS 77/21.. Directed by: Lucas, George.
1-Sheet , 27x41. Style A  NM, linenbacked, U.S.
STAR WARS (1977)
Item #: 20622
Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher. Original color still set from first printing 77/21-0. Directed by: Lucas, George.
Still , 8x10 (Set of 8)  NM, U.S.
Item #: 20700
Three Stooges comedy compilation with Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Paul Winchell, Officer Joe Bolton. Directed by: Bernds, Edward.
3-Sheet , 41x81  VERY FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20722
The ultimate super-hero serial poster with Kirk Alyn, Noel Neill, Tommy Bond. Directed by: Bennet, Spencer.
6-Sheet , 81x81  FINE, linenbacked, U.S.
Item #: 20704
Robert DeNiro, Cybill Shepherd, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel. Directed by: Scorsese, Martin.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (set of 8)  NM, U.S.
Item #: 20714
Merle Oberon, Miriam Hopkins, Bonita Granville. Directed by: Wyler, William.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC)  VG-FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20721
Stone litho for H.G. Wells futuristic science fiction with Raymond Massey, Cedric Hardwicke, Ralph Richardson. Directed by: Menzies, William Cameron.
1-Sheet , 27x41  FINE, linenbacked, U.S.
Item #: 20787
H.G. Wells science fiction with Raymond Massey. Directed by: Menzies, William Cameron.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC#6)  FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20694
Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Trevor Howard. Directed by: Reed, Carol.
Insert , 14x36  FINE, unfolded, U.S.
Item #: 20692
Science Fiction with Jeff Morrow, Rex Reason, Faith Domergue. Directed by: Newman, Joseph.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC#6)  FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20725
George Lucas' first feature with Robert Duvall, Donald Pleasence, Maggie McOmie. Directed by: Lucas, George.
Pressbook , 11x14. 10-pg  FINE, U.S.
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