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Reynold Brown Science Fiction wallpaperJuly 12, 2018
If you're a fan of Reynold Brown it doesn't get much better than this. This 6-Sheet movie poster for the 1962 low-budget A.I.P. Science Fiction / Horror flick boasts over 45 square feet of glorious monster illustration. One of our new arrivals:

Crush it Like Quint in Jaws!June 20, 2018
It's the 43rd anniversary of Jaws and I just discovered this very cool beer can in my local beverage distributor. Apparently this was a limited edition can produced by Narragansett Brewery starting in 2014. This is an exact replica of the beer cans that Captain Quint (Robert Shaw) drinks in Jaws. And in one famous scene - often misreported as unscripted - Quint finishes his beer and crushes the can, and Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) follows suit by crushing his own Styrofoam coffee cup. Great movie, great scene, not such great beer. Here's a screen-grab and a picture of the replica can:

Oh, and here's a ridiculously cool original ROLLED Jaws 1-sheet that we just acquired:
A Christmas Story: Sonsabitches!! Bumpuses!!December 12, 2017
These so-called "Mondo" posters came about in the early 2000's as an offshoot of Austin's Alamo Drafthouse Theater Alamo Drafthouse. These hand-drawn, screen-printed posters were a welcome alternative to Hollywood's increasingly star-driven Photoshopped posters and the public loved them. Mondo posters featured alternative images for classic and cult movies commissioned by modern artists and - because they were printed in limited quantities - they became instant collectors items. One of my favorites is Jay Ryan's interpretation of A Christmas Story. No leg-lamps or BB guns here, but he manages to capture the essence of the film with the Bumpus hounds ravaging the Christmas turkey. This particular poster was created for a one-time roadshow screening of Bob Clark's holiday classic at the original Christmas Story house in Cleveland.

here. here.

John Carpenter's The ThingMarch 14, 2017

A few years ago John Carpenter presented a screening of his 1978 horror film Halloween at my local arthouse theater; after the screening the director fielded questions. Someone from the audience asked him about the ending of his 1982 film The Thing, when it came down to the two surviving characters - Kurt Russell and Keith David - which one was human and which one was the alien.

And Carpenter's answer was "Watch their breath. It's obvious". So I had to go re-watch the ending. Because, as we all know, humans have breath in the cold, but aliens not so much...

The Hustler: Lagging for the BreakMarch 7, 2017

In pool, specifically pocket billiards, it's a well-known practice to "lag" for the break. The concept is simple: both players hit a random ball at the far cushion, and whoever manages to land a ball as close to the near rail gets the honor of the break. This lobby card from the Robert Rossen pool hall classic The Hustler - the best card in the set - shows Jackie Gleason and Paul Newman "lagging" for the break. This is the only time in conventional pool where both players would be shooting at the same time.

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