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Gloria Vanderbilt and The CreatureApril 3, 2016

On this morning's edition of CBS News Sunday Morning there was a segment featuring Anderson Cooper and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. About three minutes into the story, Anderson and his mother are sorting through some family mementos and for a fleeting instant there is a poster visible on the wall in the background.
Here's a screen-shot:

As any self-respecting 1950s horror movie poster collector can tell you, that's clearly a 3-sheet from The Creature Walks Among Us, the third film in Universal's Creature from the Black Lagoon trilogy. So despite being known for those eponymous designer jeans, signature fragrances and questionable plastic surgeries, Gloria Vanderbilt may actually have good taste. Here's the same poster from our inventory:

Norman Rockwell and Tyrone PowerNovember 9, 2015

Beloved American illustrator Norman Rockwell painted only half a dozen movie posters during his 60-year career, and I think this is one of his best. His artwork for the 1946 adaptation of Somerset Maugham's The Razor's Edge, featuring Tyrone Power in stylish Oleg Cassini fashion, is so timeless it could be from a contemporary fashion magazine.

Clint Pays HomageOctober 11, 2015
Clint Eastwood Pays Homage to His Mentors.
This is just about my favorite Clint Eastwood image. From the 1973 neo-Western High Plains Drifter, this scene gets only a passing shot in the film, but it was preserved for prosperity in this lobby card (Lobby Card #8, to be specific). Here's Clint - as the The Stranger - in the graveyard with tombstones of Don Siegel and Sergio Leone - the two directors who put him on the map to stardom. A nice tribute.

Holden CaulfieldApril 25, 2015

This poster for the 1947 film Dear Ruth arrived in a collection last week. The unusual alignment of the two main stars' names has given rise to an urban legend, that this was the inspiration for the name of the character Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, one of the best known works of literature of the 20th Century. This is the first time William Holden and Joan Caulfield appeared together in a film, and this odd juxtaposition of their credits only happened once. It's easy to imagine Salinger strolling down Broadway and spotting this poster displayed under a movie theater marquee. Problem is, this film was not released until the summer of 1947, and Holden Caulfield made his first appearance in a Salinger short story in 1945. It's a great story; it's just not true.

A James Bond trifecta!April 3, 2015

This just in... from a former employee of United Artists, a set of three pristine rolled British quads for You Only Live Twice, featuring artwork by Frank McCarthy and Robert McGinnis.

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