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Movie Poster FAQ's

This page provides information about some of the questions we are most frequently asked. Topics are listed alphabetically. For a further explanation of the common terms used in movie poster collecting please visit our Movie Poster Sizes and Terms page.

Q: Are all of your posters original? And where do you get them?
A: Every item in our inventory is guaranteed to be an authentic, original movie poster. We do not deal in reprints or reproductions of any kind. Our posters come from fellow collectors, old theaters, archives, estate sales and auctions. We acquire posters from virtually all over the world. With over 30 years experience buying movie posters we have purchased posters from every continent on Earth (with the exception of Antarctica - although we do stock a lovely poster for The March of the Penguins).

Q: Can I get a Certificate of Authenticity with my purchase?
A: Absolutely. Just request a C.O.A. at the time of your purchase.

Q: Do you accept posters to sell on consignment?
A: It depends. We generally prefer to buy posters outright. If you have vintage posters valued at $500 or more that you wish to consign, please email or call us at 631-421-7203 and we can discuss terms.

Q: I live in Europe. Is it possible to avoid paying excessive Customs duties on my order?
A: Yes, under certain circumstances we can spare you from paying import and Customs duties. Please contact us.

Q: Do you sell framed posters?
A: We do not offer framing. The vast majority of our business is mail-order and we have found that the cost and liability of shipping a framed item far exceeds what you would spend to have your poster framed locally.

Q: Can I pay for a poster on layaway?
A: Yes, we accept time payments under the following non-negotiable terms: 20% deposit, balance within six months.

Q: Can you linenback a poster for me?
A: We don't linenback or restore posters ourselves; we leave that to the professionals. But we will gladly arrange to have your poster linenbacked and restored by a qualified conservator.

Q: Why don't you have all the gazillion styles of posters for the Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series?
A: Because we specialize primarily in vintage movie posters. We do stock many posters for new releases, but we tend to limit our inventory to directors we like, hard-to-find independent films, and Oscar nominees. However, we would be happy to locate authentic, original posters for any new releases on request. As a rule, we don't stock posters for every popular new franchise. Those posters tend to be printed in massive quantities and it's unlikely they will ever be especially collectible after the movie has run. However, whenever possible, we do try to acquire rare variant styles of popular movies, posters which tend to be printed in much more limited quantities than the mass market styles. So, as a rule, we do not have the latest Hunger Games or Transformers posters. However, one exception is the James Bond Franchise. Because of the enduring popularity - and the continued quality of the films - we consistently stock all the James Bond movie posters we can find.

Q: Can you tell me what my posters are worth? Can I get an appraisal of my entire movie poster collection?
A: We will gladly give you a ballpark value of a small number of posters at no charge. However, if you have a large collection, or need an official appraisal for insurance or estate purchases, we charge for that service.

Q: I'm on a limited budget. Do you sell inexpensive reprints of your vintage movie posters?
A: No.

Q: Can I return a poster if I'm not satisfied?
A: Absolutely. We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee (less shipping charges) for every item we sell. All we ask is that you notify us within seven days of receipt that you would like to return an item, and that you package your return with the same materials and care with which it was sent.

Q: I need a poster by tomorrow for a very special birthday. Can you get it to me in time?
A: In most cases, yes. Please contact us and we will determine your best shipping options.

Q: When will I receive my order?
A: All orders are shipped within 48 hours (usually sooner). Depending upon your location and the shipping method you selected, your order will arrive within two to ten business days. Please see our Ordering and Shipping page for specific details.

Q: Do you sell autographed items?
A: As a rule, no. With very few exceptions we do not deal in autographed movie memorabilia of any kind. The internet is absolutely flooded with forgeries and bootlegs. At this very moment you can buy a modern reproduction of a Godfather poster on eBay, signed by the entire cast in silver Sharpie, including the stars that are no longer with us!

Q: Would you consider a trade for a movie poster?
A: You can try us, but from experience movie poster trades rarely work out to the satisfaction of both parties. This is why society invented money.