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8 Popular Hollywood Movie Poster Search Results

Item #: 4890
Casting call to screen test for appearance in locally produced newsreel. Directed by: American News Reel Service.
Half-sheet , 22x28  FINE, linenbacked, U.S.
Item #: 3869
Alice Faye, Don Ameche, Stuart Erwin. Directed by: Cummings, Irving.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC)  VG, U.S.
Item #: 16415
Alice Faye, Don Ameche. Directed by: Cummings, Irving.
Herald , 9x12  FINE, U.S.
Item #: 18591
Alice Faye, Don Ameche, Buster Keaton, Stuart Erwin. Directed by: Cummings, Irving.
1-Sheet , 27x41. Style A  FINE-NM, linenbacked, U.S.
Item #: 12316
George O'Brien, Cecilia Parker. Directed by: Scott, Ewing.
1-Sheet , 27x41  FINE-NM, U.S.
Item #: 780
All-star. Directed by: DeMille, Cecil B., etc..
1-Sheet , 27x41  VG, U.S.
Item #: 14843
Richard Dix, Erich von Stroheim, Mary Astor, Joel McCrea. Directed by: Archainbaud, George.
1-Sheet , 27x41  FINE-NM, linenbacked, U.S.
Item #: 10613
Daredevil Hollywood stuntmen with William Boyd, Dorothy Wilson, William Gargan, Lon Creighton Chaney jr. Directed by: Ince, Ralph.
Mini Window Card. 8x11  FINE, U.S.