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18 Popular Sword & Sandal Movie Poster Search Results

Item #: 14906
Errol Flynn, Viveca Lindfors. Directed by: Sherman, Vincent.
Item #: 8278
Rossana Podesta, Lang Jeffries. Directed by: Ricci, Luciano.
2-Foglio 39x55  VG, ITALIAN
Item #: 3867
Ronald Lewis, Oliver Reed. Directed by: Gilling, John.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (TC)  FINE-NM, U.S.
Item #: 8279
Jacques Sernas, Genevieve Grad, John Drew Barrymore, Gianna Maria Canale.. Directed by: Costa, Mario.
2-Foglio 39x55  VG, ITALIAN
Item #: 8277
Lang Jeffries, Mario Feliciani, Moira, Orfei. Directed by: Malatesta, Guido.
4-Foglio 55x78  VG, ITALIAN
Item #: 9326
Gordon Scott, Gianna Maria Canale. Country of Origin Italian beefcake fantasy horror. Directed by: Gentilomo, Giacomo. Art by Enrico DeSeta.
2-Foglio 39x55  VG-FINE, ITALIAN
Item #: 9325
Mark Forest, Maria Grazia Spina. Directed by: Paolella, Domenico.
2-Foglio 39x55  VG-FINE, ITALIAN
Item #: 21176
Wacky Science Fiction fantasy. Directed by: Gentilomo, Giacomo.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC#8)  VERY FINE, U.S.
Item #: 11548
Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina. Directed by: Francisci, Pietro.
1-Sheet , 27x41  NM, linenbacked, U.S.
Item #: 11550
Gladiator spectacle with Gordon Scott, Gabriella Pallotta. Directed by: Ferroni, Giorgio. Art by Renato Casaro.
2-Foglio. 39x55  NM, linenbacked, ITALIAN
Item #: 9865
Sword and sorcery fantasy with Basil Rathbone, Estelle Winwood, Gary Lockwood. Directed by: Gordon, Bert I..
3-Sheet , 41x81  FINE, U.S.
Item #: 9320
Jeanne Crain, Vincent Price, Edmund Purdom in Egyptian sword and sandal epic. Directed by: Cerchio, Fernando. Art by Riene.
1-Sheet , 2-Foglio 39x55  VG-FINE, ITALIAN
Item #: 9523
Lex Barker, Jocelyn Lane. Directed by: Simonelli, Giorgio.
2-Foglio 39x55  VG, ITALIAN
Item #: 8281
Bella Cortez, Richard Lloyd, Salvatore Furnari. Directed by: Salvi, Emimmo.
1-Sheet , 2-Foglio 39x55  FAIR-GOOD, ITALIAN
Item #: 11549
Steve Reeves, Giorgia Moll. Directed by: Lubin, Arthur.
1-Sheet , 27x41  NM, linenbacked, U.S.
Item #: 19793
Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Joe DeRita), Vicki Trickett. Directed by: Bernds, Edward.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (set of 8)  NM, U.S.
Item #: 8287
Gianna Maria Canale, Anthony Steel, Maria Grazia Spina, Pirates!. Directed by: Leonviola, Antonio.
1-Sheet , 2-Foglio 39x55  FAIR-GOOD, ITALIAN
Item #: 9521
Giorgio Ardisson, Alberto Lupo. Directed by: Capuano, Luigi.