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Item #: 7028
The very first movie poster book. Over 50 large-plate full-color images of classic movie posters from the collection of Steve Schapiro. 96-page. Out-of-print.. Directed by: Schapiro, Steve. Chierichetti, David..
Book Paperback 8x11  FINE, U.S.
Item #: 11257
Illustrated history of musical movie posters from the Jazz Singer to Dirty Dancing. Over 325 full-color movie poster images. 80-page. Directed by: Hershenson, Bruce.
Book. Paperback. 9x11  NM, U.S.
Item #: 7018
Comprehensive guide to 35 of the best rock and roll and juvenile delinquent films of the 1950s with cast and credits, synopsis, B&W photos. Hardcover. 214-page. Out-of-print.. Directed by: McGee, Mark.
Book Hardcover 6x9  NM, U.S.
Item #: 7017
Catalog for extensive movie poster auction held at Christie's Los Angeles, December 15, 1996. 474 full-color images of classic movie posters including over 150 rock and roll and musical movie posters. Paperback. 144-page. Out-of-print.. Directed by: Hershenson, Bruce.
Book Paperback 8x10  NM, U.S.
Item #: 8799
Over 200 full-color movie poster images with informative text, spanning Metropolis to Flash Gordon to 1950s bug-eyed monsters right up to the current Spider-Man. 192-page. Directed by: Nourmand, Tony. Marsh, Graham.
Book. Paperback. 10"x12".  NM, U.S.
Item #: 12319
60 full-color, full-page images of western movie posters from William S. Hart to Clint Eastwood. 64-page. Directed by: Hershenson, Bruce.
Book. Paperback. 9x11  NM, U.S.
Item #: 7545
Illustrated history of sports movie posters spanning baseball, football, boxing, hockey, billiards, surfing, skiing, racing and more. Over 380 full-color movie posters. 80-page.. Directed by: Hershenson, Bruce.
Book Paperback 9x11  NM, U.S.
Item #: 12585
Exhaustively compiled and researched collection of over 350 poster images. 320pp.. Directed by: Sansweet, Stephen. Vilmur Peter.
Book. Hardcover. 9x12  NM, U.S.
Item #: 7352
Catalog for single-owner auction in Nov, 1999. Comprehensive collection of posters from first three films in trilogy: Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi. Invaluable reference. 140 full-color images. Paperback. 48-page. Out-of-print.. Directed by: Schapiro, Matthew.
Book Paperback 8x11  FINE, U.S.
Item #: 13287
Loving compilation of surf movie poster art from 1957 thru 2004. Over 140 full-color images. 144-pg. Directed by: Warshaw, Matt.
Book. Paperback. 9x11  NM, U.S.
Item #: 7607
Over 125 full-color images from the Black film explosion of the 70s incl. icons of Blaxploitation: Coffy, Foxy Brown, Blacula, Shaft, Super Fly. 208-page. Out-of-Print.. Directed by: Martinez, Gerald..
1-Sheet , Book Paperback 9x11  NM, U.S.
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