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COFFY (1973)
Item #: 15004
Pam Grier Blaxploitation. Directed by: Hill, Jack.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC#3)  FINE, U.S.
COFFY (1973)
Item #: 15006
Pam Grier Blaxploitation. Directed by: Hill, Jack.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC#1)  FINE-NM, U.S.
Item #: 11387
Scarce Blaxploitation double-feature with Pam Grier, Max Julien. Directed by: Hill, Jack. Campus, Michael.
1-Sheet , 27x41  VG-FINE, U.S.
Item #: 20536
Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover. Directed by: Spielberg, Steven. Art by John Alvin.
1-Sheet , 27x41  VERY FINE, unfolded, U.S.
Item #: 8866
Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques in sequel to Cotton Comes to Harlem. Poster has large snipe at top. Directed by: Warren, Mark.
1-Sheet , 27x41  FAIR-GOOD, U.S.
Item #: 8869
Glynn Turman, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, Garrett Morris in basis for TV's What's Happening.. Directed by: Schultz, Michael.
1-Sheet , 27x41. Style B  FINE, U.S.
Item #: 8874
Alfre Woodard, Delroy Lindo, Zelda Harris in Spike Lee's valentine to 1970s Brooklyn. Directed by: Lee, Spike.
1-Sheet , 27x40  NM, unfolded, U.S.
Item #: 17958
Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson. Directed by: Tarantino, Quentin.
1-Sheet , 27x40. Int'l Advance. Double-sided  NM, unfolded, U.S.
Item #: 14071
Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, John Turturro, Robin Harris, Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Edson, Frankie Faison in Spike Lee Bed-Stuy epic. Directed by: Lee, Spike.
1-Sheet , 27x41.  VERY FINE, U.S.
Item #: 8210
Kids dance to Little Richard's band. Directed by: Sears, Fred F.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC#6)  FINE, U.S.
Item #: 18652
Joe Louis the Brown Bomber. Directed by: Lerner, Joseph.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC)  VG-FINE, U.S.
FRIDAY (1995)
Item #: 2035
Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Tiny Zeus Lister. Directed by: Gray, F. Gary.
1-Sheet , 27x40. Double-sided  FINE, unfolded, U.S.
Item #: 4911
Million Man March. Directed by: Lee, Spike.
1-Sheet , 27x40 double-sided  FINE, unfolded, U.S.
Item #: 20235
Harlem Globetrotters basketball. The only card in the set showing the team on the court. Directed by: Howe, James Wong.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC#8)  FINE, U.S.
Item #: 2784
Muhammad Ali. Directed by: Gries, Tom.
1-Sheet , 27x41  NM, U.S.
Item #: 11725
Muhammad Ali boxing biopic. Directed by: Gries, Tom.
Thirty by Forty , 30x40  FINE-NM, unfolded, U.S.
Item #: 20169
Muhammad Ali boxing biopic. Directed by: Gries, Tom.
Insert , 14x36  NM, unfolded, U.S.
Item #: 18980
Scarce poster for Black Cast western with Herb Jeffries (Herbert Jeffrey), Spencer Williams, Clarence Brooks. Directed by: Kahn, Richard C.
1-Sheet , 27x41  VG-FINE, U.S.
HI-DE-HO (1947)
Item #: 22664
Cab Calloway All-Negro musical. Directed by: Binney, Josh.
Lobby Card  (11x14) , (SC)  VG, U.S.
Item #: 18944
Rock and soul concert documentary with the Isley Brothers, Patty Austin, Chambers Brothers, Edwin Hawkins Singers, Jackie Moms Mabley. Directed by: Gargiulo, Mike.
1-Sheet , 27x41  FINE-NM, U.S.
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